Are You A Ruminator? A Tendency To Overthink?

Are you aware of the hidden dangers of your rumination?

Whilst is may be healthy to reflect upon our experiences, over constant, obsessive, compulsive  self-reflection can harm us.

Ruminating with being stuck in our thoughts can harm us.

Ruminating can harm your well being.

When you go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly
you compulsively remind yourself of what is wrong. It’s negative thoughts compounded by repetition and habit, making rumination dangerous.

Ruminating is like a record that’s stuck and keeps repeating the same lyrics. It’s replaying an argument with a friend in your mind. It’s retracing past mistakes.

When people ruminate, they over-think or obsess about situations or life events, such as work or relationships.

Why does rumination lead to such harmful results?

Not surprisingly, ruminating conjures up more negative thoughts. It then becomes a cycle. Please note a few tips to help.

  • Become the observer of your thoughts.
  • Thoughts are your guests, they check in and they check out. You are the host, so no need to identify with the thoughts.
  • Having the awareness that you are the host of your thoughts creates self awareness. First comes awareness, then self awareness and then comes transformation. You are in charge!
  • It is empowering to know that you are in charge of your thoughts, as the thoughts create your reality.
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