Melody has so much knowledge, and wisdom, creating a space that is absolutely beautiful and joyful. As human beings we all need this, being cleansed, balanced, and strengthened. I am rating Chakra Activation a 10 out of 10. Melody is incredible in every way. Melody’s teachings colour the course, fun and easy to understand.

M. Higurashi – Gold Coast.

I have been working with Melody through her energy healing and Life Coaching for nearly two years now. Melody has been an absolute God sent.

Melody has helped me to feel stronger within myself. I have gained my confidence back. I live with clarity and look at the world with positive eyes. I feel healthier and happier, mentally and spiritually. This is all because Melody has taught me the tools to deal with life as it comes, continues to help me stay on track, and is guiding me to attract and achieve my goals within my personal life and career. I am grateful to have started this journey with Melody and I highly recommend her if you are feeling stuck in any way and not sure on how to shift it, if you’re feeling unhappy with life or career if you’re constantly attracting negative feelings and situations, if you’re wanting to break bad habits or if you just don’t know what it is but you know something needs to change. Call Melody.

A, Cepero – Gold Coast

Melody is always taking me to the next level, clear, concise, and easy to follow. The course has been a 10 out of 10 for great benefits. The venue is also a ten out of ten. Come with an open heart to Chakra Activation and enjoy the experience.

R. Steele – Brisbane

Melody opened up a new world of working with energy. The Quantum Cranial Course is a very interesting course if you are curious about working with Quantum Energy, a lot of information is presented, and good value for money.

K. Katz – Gold Coast

Melody helped me slow my thoughts, observe and be aware that I react too often, and realize the importance of being centered. If you are drawn to this course, just do it!. The venue is such a personable space.

Betty Creasey – Gold Coast

Melody is kind, caring, knowledgeable, funny, and made learning easy and understandable. This course is a 10 out of 10.

Sarah O’Loughlin

Melody was amazing. My training taught me additional modalities to allow me to grow and to allow me to help others lift their vibrations. Forever grateful to receive this gift, thank you, Melody

Jane Grieco – Gold Coast

I really enjoyed the Chakra Activation Method day with Melody. So much information about the different centers, sounds, mudra’s, and how to spin the Chakras. Can’t wait to apply what I have learned. Many thanks, Melody.

Karina Katz – Gold Coast

Dr. Marcia Becherel, MD
PhD Microbiology & Public Health
Adv. Diploma in Naturopathy
Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT (TM), Hypnosis and Life Coach

Dr. Marcia Becherel, MD

Automatically felt comfortable and safe, understood what was being presented, and felt a positive, intense and loving healing energy. After my session with Melody, I was able to identify my deepest emotional/psychological blocks throughout the session and physically felt these dark emotions leave my lungs, mind and solar plexus, all of these emotions that I faced were without any fear at all. I feel lighter and have been left with the tools to continue to fight my demons.

I look forward to continuing my journey of fearlessness with Melody.

Anne  RN BSC. HN AIDS/CNS/ Case Manager,

“Thank you, Melody. Working with Melody through Quantum Transformational Healing ng and Sound Healing has helped me tremendously. It has profoundly helped me to cope holistically with my health challenges. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have learnt from someone with a beautiful loving nature, a wealth of knowledge and experience and a guru of Energy Healing and Sound Healing. I highly recommend anyone wanting/searching to learn from the best Teacher on the Gold Coast, to feel more in-tune and connected with yourself and others.
Thank you Melody”, 

gold coast

Experiencing Quantum Transformational Healing with Melody has helped me let go of wanting to control. During my healing sessions, I am so much more intuitive, raising to a higher level of consciousness and breaking through patterns and programmes, physically, mentally and emotionally and my creativity has opened up so much, allowing me to access my talents and abilities.
Being a big thinker, Sound Healing and Coaching has been the greatest benefit to my life.

gold coast

When I first saw Melody I was depressed and felt apathetic towards my family, friends and uni. I come from a stable, secure home with a lot of love and boundaries. Yet, I felt so alone and disconnected that I couldn’t find joy in any situations. The moment I met her I got an instant feeling of love and comfort, and even now I can feel Melody’s big ball of warmth and good energy as soon as I park my car outside her house. After spending some time with her I realised I did not have depression or anxiety. Nor was I gone mad. I was one of many people who experienced a spiritual crises disguised as a mental illness because my need for something greater than myself was not fulfilled.

Melody knows what you need before you say it or even before you know it yourself. With her guidance and her provided tools, she has enabled me to open my mind, expand my consciousness and more importantly, start loving myself again. She also made me break out of the state of apathy so that I was able to finish my Masters degree. Basically, she has changed the way I look at life and she keeps blowing my mind with her presence and strength as well as her love and light. I have always had a hard time asking for help, but I’ll never regret asking Melody. As I am writing this I realise that she probably saved my life. For that I will always be humble and grateful to my guardian angel and #1 mentor.

gold coast