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Quantum Transformational Healing is a gentle, non invasive, advanced and fast-working healing method that deals directly with the root cause of your suffering (pain, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, etc). These and other physical problems and illnesses are symptoms of energetic blocks caused by mental and emotional suppressions.
Instead of controlling symptoms with medication, or with other means, this method helps to restore health by identifying and removing the causes from the cellular memory. This is done by complimenting specific wordings, also allowing my intuitive skills to tune into the client’s emotional energy system. The result of this gentle process is a rapid (often instantaneous) freeing of the blocked energy and elimination of the unwanted emotion.
Overview: Energy transformation is the process of changing energy from one form to another. This process is happening all the time, both in the world and within people. When people consume food, the body utilizes the chemical energy in the bonds of the food and transforms it into mechanical energy, a new form of chemical energy, or thermal energy. Energy transformation is an important concept in the application of the physical sciences. The ability for energy to be transformed automats, lights, entertains, and warms the world in an astounding multitude of ways.
Energy Transformation Processes – employing an array of ‘state of the art’ energy channelling method in facilitating people with transformation, in areas of our life, especially with;‘Career, Money, Relationships, Health, Love, Intimacy & Sexuality’ and much more.
Melody’s Energy Transformation Method is integrated into other well-known modalities of healing to increase the effectiveness of the program. We work with our clients to determine the right form of healing for each individual’s needs. There are a number of alternative healing options, some of which include Life and Business Coaching, Positive Hypnosis, Usui and Seichim Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Electromagnetic Magnetic Balancing Technique, Thought Field Therapy, TAT Technique, Time Line Therapy and Energy Channelling. Each program is individually tailored to bring you the most effective treatment possible.
Everything within us is energy. Our feelings, our thoughts, our emotions and everything in the world around us are all source of energy. What we experience is nothing but the memories of the past, the stress we went through, other energies or trauma. Everything that we experience is nothing but a memory stored within our body cells that are responsible for our current body conditions.
Most of our current body conditioning can be relate back to the time of childhood development or even beyond that where we might have professed negative energies in our DNA. Such negated energies play the role of catalyst in your life for not getting the targets that you should have got easily.
The other sources of such negative energies are toxicity, negative environmental conditions, social and physical conditioning as well as relational traumas that might have happened in your life.
Channelling or Inspired Guidance, is simply the process of using inspiration to help guide us in our lives. Everyday we channel, yet mostly we don’t realize it, for example if you have ever thought about someone and within 5 minutes that person called you on the phone, then you have channelled. For a brief instant, you have received a piece of information from the realm of unlimited information in which we live. Just as a dog can hear frequencies that we can’t hear with our human ears, there is more information available to us in the universe to help guide and support our lives, well-being and spiritual growth that we can’t hear with our human ears, but which is available to us through our sixth sense.

Home and Business Clearings –
Experience amazing transformation when negative energies are removed from your home or business.

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I have been thoroughly enjoying the gift of Hypnosis with Melody over the last few months, and would like to highly recommend Melody for her tenacity, love and passion! I feel that there has been change at a deep level which has allowed me to move forward in many areas and get clear of the blocks that have been holding me back.
Thank you Melody,
Dr. A. Amies
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Working with Melody is an amazing life transforming experience. Melody helped me clear very deeply rooted unconscious programs that were holding my life back. This allowed me to make choices easily and effortlessly without any emotional charge, whereas before, I could not even contemplate the possibility of it. I feel so much lighter, I am avmuch more flexible person and my life is now filled with infinite possibilities. Thank you so much Melody, with all my gratitude and love.
Dr. Marcia Becherel, MD
Melody is a Miracle Worker,
A modern day Florence Nightingale
Forget chicken soup for the soul,
Melody offers up the whole banquet!
Paula Stevenson, IRELAND.