Quantum Cranial Activation

It’s an exciting energy clearing process to help become clearer about almost all aspects of life!

Learn the art of clearing your energy field on the physical, emotional, mental, soul and spirit level, deleting stuck points of view, past decisions, negative beliefs and emotions. Including other sources of such negative energies such as toxicity, environmental conditions, social and physical conditioning as well as relational traumas that might have happened in your life.

Quantum Cranial Activation is a ‘Hands-on’ transformation technique. Simply, by placing your hands on specific 33 points on and around the cranial area of the head, we are shifting stuck energies that have been holding limitations in place. By clearing the pathways of the brain, the mid brain is accessed, this is where miracles happen. Please note in diagram below:

Quantum Cranial Activation is a gentle, non-invasive technique whereby the practitioner uses his/her hands to clear, energise and balance the human and environmental energy fields thus promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The magic happens when the neural pathways are clearing back to the point of origin and turning the polarity on the stuck energies. Put simply, like weeding the garden and allowing for new growth, as often times one becomes stuck in particular lobes of the brain, rather than the whole brain. Please note in diagram below:   

As a bonus, with attending the ‘hands-on’ 2 day workshop you will also learn the dynamic ‘Quantum Cellular Stress Release’ technique which could be described as an advanced Reiki, by deleting the discordant memories of stress which accumulate in the physical and bio field of the body.   

Quantum Cranial Activation & Quantum Cellular Memory Stress Release: Releasing past traumas. Greater awareness and consciousness on all levels. Increased interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Removing past limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and negative emotions. The greatest catalyst for change and transformation, and so much more!

Both of the above techniques are ‘evolutionary’ processes to enhance our well-being and spiritual growth, going hand in hand together. The icing on the cake!.

The next course is: Sat & Sun 11th and 12th October 2019