The definition of Chakras

The definition of Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel”! Meditating and clearing your chakras keeps them open and fully-functioning to enhance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health! Brings balance to everyday life!

Understanding the Seven Chakras As there are seven bodies, so there are also seven chakras, energy centers, and each chakra is connected especially with its corresponding body.

This seven-energy centers or seven chakras are in the physical body of every human being. It’s a vehicle that elevates people above petty worldly concerns. “Chakra” in Sanskrit means wheels or “spinning vortices.”

These seven chakras are energetic locations that regulate the state of consciousness in every one of us. They are positioned almost in the center of the body. The chakras associated with our latent instincts, feelings, and emotions are located in the lowest part of our body while those governing the mind and intellect are located above the heart. Chakras directly govern our psychological behavior.

Chakras are directly related to our physical health, psychological behavior, and our emotional well being. Therefore, the best way to understand the relationship between the gross body with the spiritual body is through the seven Chakras. By understanding, being aware, and working directly with these energy centers, one is better able to heal physical and emotional problems. As a result, one will become truly in touch with the flow of energy inside and thereby attain better health and quality of life. Just like any part of the body, the chakras also have set features and characteristics such as vibratory sound, color, etc.

 It is a proven fact that sounds and music influence the energy systems, one’s emotions, and mental state. The sound/vibration for each chakra helps to balance energy. Healing occurs spontaneously by the repetition of the corresponding chakra sound & chakra mantra (Bija Mantra). By chanting the chakra’s mantra the inner vibration awakens and opens that particular chakra. It is not necessary for the chanting to be loud and powerful. Soft and gentle chanting is sufficient to awaken the chakra into an active state. Visualization of the corresponding chakra can enhance and deepen healing. To learn more please visit:

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