Welcome to Quantum Transformational Healing

Welcome to Quantum Transformational Healing

Quantum Transformational Energy Healing with Melody on the Gold Coast … is a gentle, non invasive, advanced and fast-working healing method that deals directly with the root cause of your suffering (stress, pain, fatigue, etc). These and other physical problems and illnesses are symptoms of energetic blocks caused by mental and emotional suppressions. Energy Healing Gold Coast with Melody is a ‘state of the art’ energy channelling method … where change happens at the ‘quantum level’ … change the energy – transform your life … for greater success in wellness, career, relationships and more!

Instead of just controlling symptoms, this method helps to restore health by identifying and removing the causes from the cellular stress. This is done by complimenting specific wordings, also allowing my intuitive skills to tune into the client’s emotional energy system. The result of this gentle process is a rapid (often instantaneous) freeing of the blocked energy and elimination of the unwanted emotion.

For info. on Quantum Cranial Activation

For info. on the Cellular Stress Release Technique – please click here – … for more info. please click here:  http://www.aboveallhealing.com

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